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Networks, Collaborations & Partners

Environmental Health Sciences (EHS) Research Response Network
For disasters and public health emergencies

The Environmental Health Sciences Disaster Research Network is a group consisting of National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) - sponsored research centers, grantees, and academic partners interested in facilitating improved national research capabilities and responding to environmental emergencies and disasters.

The Mission is working with members to:

  • Improve participation among the national EHS community, including citizen science/crowd-sourcing
  • Develop a U.S. network of trained and deployable EHS researchers to assist in disaster responses
  • Create a searchable roster of EHS experts by specialty
  • Create a forum to evaluate and improve "research response" concepts and objectives
  • Help identify and assess the Disaster Research Response Program (DR2) tools, and training materials

Stakeholder Opportunities

Stakeholders will have an opportunity to be involved in multiple aspects of the program. Stakeholder contributions are critical to creating user friendly tools. Those interested may support the program by:

  • Participating in the EHS Disaster Research Network and identifying others to join
  • Participating as a subject matter expert for important disaster research areas including toxic exposures, health impacts, and community resiliency
  • Sharing research and lessons learned in previous disasters
  • Participating in training and pursuing opportunities for field research during environmental emergencies
  • Sharing existing protocols and tools for disasters
  • Providing scientific input and guidance to ongoing efforts for this NIH Disaster Research Response website.