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Training & Exercises

The NIH Disaster Research Response Program encourages development of a network of trained, deployable “Research Responders.” Like all responders, researchers need training to be effective in their disaster roles. DR2 has conducted major tabletop exercises on incorporating data collection and research into disaster response and recovery. Training resources are also available for preparing scientists to conduct research in the post-disaster field environment.

Training Resources for Disaster Researcher Deployment


National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Worker Training Program (WTP)

The NIEHS Worker Training Program provides occupational safety and health training on hazardous materials for disaster responders and workers, including researchers. Additional materials are listed by the National Clearinghouse for Worker Safety and Health Training.



Federal Emergency Management Agency Emergency Management Institute (EMI)

The FEMA Emergency Management Institute provides over 200 online training courses on all aspects of preparedness and response listed in the Independent Study Program Course List.


From Disaster Lit

Resources on deployment.


Exercises by the Disaster Research Response Program







NIEHS Disaster Research Response Tabletop Exercise Assessment

NIEHS conducted three tabletop exercises in Los Angeles, California (2014); Houston, Texas (2015); and Boston, Massachusetts (2016). To better understand the impacts of these exercises on federal, state, and local stakeholders, NIEHS conducted an assessment of the exercises.


July 2016 Boston Tabletop Exercise


2015 Houston Tabletop Exercise